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25.6V200AH AGV lithium battery
High-performance 25.6V200AH AGV lithium battery for reliable, long-lasting power in automated guided vehicles
Build in BMS mini lithium battery apply to smaller forklift,AGV and robot machines etc,more model optional: 25.6V100AH/150AH/200Ah/300AH/400AH
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Lithium Battery Cell
A Grade 3.2V100AH High-Ratio Discharge Lithium Battery Cell for Superior Performance in Various Applications
Lithium batteries are made of A Grade material, which is the most important component of lithium battery packs. Equipped with exclusive patented technology, the battery is more stable and has a service life of 5-8 years. Support five-year warranty service and free BMS(battery management system) service. Our cell models are as follows:   3.2V30AH/3.2V50AH/3.2V 85AH/3.2V100AH/3.2V135AH/3.2V 150AH/3.2V200AH/3.2V230AH/3.2V280AH3.2V320AH
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Battery Charger
Unveils Advanced High-Power Fast Charging Lithium Battery Charger for Enhanced Performance
We can make our charger to match with our lithium battery , more model available:24V36V48V72V80V etc
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LFP Battery
Tailored Power Solution: Custom 48V450AH Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Customized battery ,more models available( 48V 200AH/300AH/400AH/500AH/600AH etc ) ,charger optional
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Heavy-Duty Forklift Battery
Tailor-Made High-Performance Lithium Battery Solution for Forklifts
Customized forklift lithium battery ,more models availavle .
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48V 100Ah lithium battery
Enhanced Performance: 48V100AH Golf Cart Lithium Battery Pack with Built-in BMS
48V 100AH Golf cart lithium battery mainly used on golf carts,more models available 
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Forklift Battery Pack
Cutting-Edge Customized Forklift Battery Pack for Superior Performance
We welcome customized order to us, more forklift battery models available: 24V 36V 48V 80V and high volt battery, capacity customized from 100AH-1000AH  
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Energy Storage Battery
Reliable and Maintenance-Free: Stable Energy Storage Lithium Battery Pack
Energy storage lithium battery pack,Wall mounted and stacker energy storage
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Battery Charger for Forklifts
High Power Fast Charging Lithium Battery Charger for Forklifts with Advanced Charging Technology
lithium battery charger,also suitable for lead acid battery,more models available:24V36V48V72V80V
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Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Cell
Efficient Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Cell with Zero Memory Effect
Equipped with exclusive patented technology, the battery is more stable and has a service life of 5-8 years. Support five-year warranty service and more models available:3.2V100Ah/150AH/135AH/200AH/230AH/280AH/320AH
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83.2V 450AH forklift battery
Advanced Material Handling Lithium Battery for Efficient Operations and Increased Productivity
material handling lithium battery,more models available: 25.6V/36V/48V/80V and high volt battery
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Anhui Qianhang New Energy Technology

Anhui Qianhang New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in 2015 as a new energy lithium battery system solution provider.Its main business is in research and development,production,and sales of lithium battery systems.Our company is committed to providing professional battery system integration solutions to customers.We have advanced domestic battery standardization design,battery system quick replacement,battery operation control,battery system thermal management,intelligent balancing of battery cells,and other advanced technologies in the industry.We can provide customers with one-stop battery system solutions.

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